Selection of WRRmod2022 location

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The proceedings are here!

YWPs, do you have any topical and thought-provoking questions?

The YWP Workshop Steering Committee is looking to have more ways for YWPs participation in the Saturday YWP workshop. Therefore, the committee is seeking topical and thought-provoking questions from YWPs that can be used to guide the 30-minute session discussions. The committee hopes you will find this as an excellent opportunity to have a say in the discussion and the outcome of the workshop.

Please, follow the link for more information.

Social program is up!

More information can be found here.

Keynote by Mark Van Loosdrecht

On Tuesday March 13th, Mark Van Loosdrecht will give an inspiring keynote about emerging trends, future potential and new modelling challenges for WRRFs. More information can be found here.

Final program is up!

The scientific committee has worked hard to put together an exciting program consisting of 6 workshops, 12 platform presentations and 43 posters. The review process implied 32 teams of a young and an experienced reviewer that read 19 abstracts on average. These reviews were then normalized for each team into a z-score (average 0 and unit standard deviation) to balance the impact of each reviewer. All papers got 7 to 9 reviews, guaranteeing a good review process.

The organizing committee has visited the venue!

The organizing committee is glad to inform you that the venue has been «approved» during a first official visit on the 6th of December. The expectations we had, based on the blueprints upon which the choice of the conference venue was made, were greatly met.

For more information and pictures, please visit the page “General info“.

Apply for participation before December 10th!

In contrast to other conferences, the participation in WRRmod2018 is strictly based on invitation and limited to 120 participants.

To apply for an invitation, fill out the google form through this link. Also presenting authors and SC members should fill out this form to reserve their seat. More information can be found here.

Submission system closed

The WRRmod 2018 submission system is officially closed now.

We received a total of 58 admissible abstracts. The scientific committee is working hard to set up an exciting program by December 10th.

We will keep you informed on this page !

WWTmod becomes WRRmod!

In 2018 WWTmod becomes WRRmod in line with the replacement of the expression Wastewater Treatment Plant by “Water Resource Recovery Facilities“ favored by IWA and WEF.

WRRmod 2018 is the sixth seminar in the biennial modelling seminar series started in 2008 under the name WWTmod, wastewater treatment modelling. WRRmod promotes ongoing dialog between experts by providing a regular forum to facilitate discussions on all aspects of water resource recovery modelling, especially “within the fence” (whole plant) modelling. The main objective of the seminar is to disseminate recent findings and case studies with an aim to build consensus, and develop best practices for the most pressing challenges faced by the water resource recovery industry.