Guidelines for Moderators

WRRmod is a special conference in which discussions and debates are highly important. For that reason, active moderators (that play a role of instigators in fact) are an essential part of WRRmod’s success.

The program therefore provides 90 minutes per session, only 2 formal presentations per session. A key role in this setup is for the Instigator Teams (consists of one main Instigator and a YWP Instigator). Their job is to engage the audience in the discussions and make sure that different sides are heard (e.g. requiring feedback from practitioners on an academic presentation and vice versa).

The Instigators are asked to actively seek contributions from the audience, summarize essential points of the presentations, and lead the discussion about the session topic and not the individual presentations.

Another role of the Instigators is to make sure that an amicable atmosphere is maintained with a focus on the scientific exchange of facts and opinions. Any personal offense should be rejected so that all opinions can be heard and discussed.

  • Make sure to read the papers or the workshop proposals of your session to prepare some questions to initiate discussions.
  • Contact the presenting authors or workshop chairs and make sure their presentation is uploaded and tested prior to your session.
  • Ask for a short bio to introduce your speakers at least one week prior to the conference (March 2nd).
  • Attend the Moderators’ briefing session held during Monday’s breakfast (7:00 to 8:00) by Yves Comeau and Mathieu Spérandio.
  • Inform the presenters about the timing of their presentation (see below) and how you will impose this timing. Please make sure to keep the session timing! Reminders indicating 10, 5 and 1 minute will be provided.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to make sure that everything is fine and to greet presenters as they arrive.
  • Technical sessions 1 to 6 (90’) are comprised of:
    • Presenter 1: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • Presenter 2: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • 30’ general discussion on the theme including both papers.
  • Workshop reporting sessions (60’) are comprised of:
    • Workshop report 1: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • Workshop report 2: 20’ + 10’ discussion.
  • Please provide a short report of your session to the seminar chair pointing out major discussion points. This will be used for reporting about the seminar (e.g. closing session, newsletters, webinars, …).

If you need specific information, please contact sperandi(at) or yves.comeau(at)

Yves Comeau and Mathieu Spérandio

Chairs of the WRRmod2018 Scientific Committee