Guidelines for Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral presentation

We invite you to prepare your oral presentations in the following WRRmod template:
Download the WRRmod2018 PowerPoint Template

Please consider the session timing while preparing your presentation

  • Sessions 1 to 6 (90’) comprise of:
    • Presenter 1: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • Presenter 2: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • 30’ general discussion on the theme including both papers
  • The workshop reporting sessions (60’) comprise of:
    • Workshop report 1: 20’ + 10’ discussion
    • Workshop report 2: 20’ + 10’ discussion

Discussions are very important in WRRmod seminar. The format is chosen to allow discussions involving everyone and the moderators are asked to actively seek contributions from the audience, and lead the discussion about the session topic and not only the individual presentations. For that reason, we encourage you to read the second paper before your session to be able to contribute to the debate.

Please provide a short bio to the moderator of your session before the session and make sure your presentation is loaded at least two hours before the session.

Poster presentation

For poster presentations, no template is imposed. However, please make sure your poster is readable from a distance of 1.5m. So, use a large font size and minimize the amount of text. Nice graphics and schemes and the use of the WRRmod2018 logo on your posters are very much recommended.

Posters should be mounted before the conference starts on Sunday March 11 at 8 am. The vertical poster panels (nicely handling the A0 format – height 1189 mm and width 841 mm) will be available from 12 pm on Saturday March 10. Material to attach the posters will be provided.

Potential useful information

If you have any questions, please contact submission(at)