Sunday Workshops

To provide a platform for discussion on topics for which a consensus is still lacking, WRRmod2018 offers several full-day workshops on Sunday March 11.

The topics that have been selected are (click on titles to view full details):

  1. Modelling Solid Stream Processes for Nutrient Recovery – Current Status and Gaps
    Rajeev Goel and Paloma Grau
  1. To Mix or Not To Mix? How important is hydrodynamics for the future of water resource recovery modelling?
    Julien Laurent and Jim Wicks
  1. Modelling gas-liquid mass transfer: how can current knowledge benefit engineering practice and vice-versa?
    Sylvie Gillot, Andreia Amaral and Diego Rosso
  1. New computational tools on the horizon: Solving the future or revelling in fancy math?
    Kris Villez and Ivan Miletic
  1. Simulation of Counter Diffusional Biofilms: How do we take the MABR from research to practice?
    Leon Downing, Kelly Gordon and Oliver Schraa
  1. Aerobic granular sludge: To what extent can mathematical modeling answer relevant questions in design and operation
    Eberhard Morgenroth and Bruce Johnson


Saturday Workshop

The seminar is preceded by a YWP workshop (organized and attended by YWPs) on Saturday March 10. Click here for more info.